30 July 2010

It's about the love

It's about the love of a good Remix. Hearing work put in on a good mix, can be an inspiration for some in the way they approach their own mixes.

A good remix for me, should incorporate at least some of the following;

A Good song
Trying not to state the obvious here, but I mean why pick a dull song to remix?
On the other hand it might make sense to some, to take a dull song and make it better, but realistically it should be a song that has CLASSIC appeal to all listeners.

Some old remixes I have done, people really dig, but I didn't think much of at the time, but there you go just shows how important song choice can be.

I get a good heads-up on soundz by requests people ask for, and some might be a bit obscure and not funky, but if you mix them and they come out right, its a good buzz.

I had a moment of clarity one day (while scrolling through my collection), when I came across my Kate Bush folder. I sort of knew who she was, but wasn't too familiar with her music. I played back the track Wuthering Heights, and loved the sparse sound and eerie vocals, and decided to remix it. I'm not a fan of her music if you're wondering
Within 5 minutes I had a beat locked in, the tempo's set, then mixed and recorded it in one take. I added a crunk-style Beat( 808style), did a clean (No Talk 8 Bar) Intro, added 1 voice sample, and added no effects (delay,flange,etc). To this day, I still don't know why my friends think its a cool mix, when I know I didn't do much to the track. But that's the thing, you can give a song a new lease of life by remixing it.

A good sounding board for song choices are your family and friends! A good Dj will know all the Singalong Songs (I call them), but if you can drop a remix of a well known song, half the time people are gonna dig it because they already know it.
Obscure songs can be a bit touch and go, but if you can pull it off, it sounds MEAN!

I find that Dj's who can make a song appeal to all Genres, are the ones who get all the Gigs.

Good use of Effects/Technique

A normal remix is made up of 16Bars of Beats, then 16Bar Intro, Then the main song.
When I get hold of a new remix or album, I can normally tell if the remix and/or remixer are any good after the first 32 Bars, by listening to the techniques and tricks they use on the intro.
These include samples, sound effects, loops, effects (delay, EQ, etc), beats, and more importantly Sound Quality.If a Dj can scratch well, he will also use that technique.

In my time as a Dj, I have made some costly mistakes mixing. Staying awake most the night with headphones on ( SO you don't wake the house) trying to finish, edit and mixdown a Track, only to find out its distorted, or there's a Volume drop, because I never played it back through Monitors to Check The Frequencies and Levels.
And with Live Mixing, ending up with a muddy mix, again by not employing a proper recording Technique/Formula.

The way to good Technique is through excellent Knowledge of your Gear (or Software), knowing its capabilities, and knowing how to Dial in a Nice Sound.A good Amp & P.A help too! And practice.practice.practice.


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