21 August 2010

Dirty Dubsters

Production Duo DJ OBese and Jay Sharp reconnected in summer 2009 after a two year studio hiatus. The lads have been busy in the studio since may and have since produced a few firing tunes with their trademark mash up of reggae, funk, breakbeat, Dancehall, Hip-Hop and all things funky!  'Our music is directed squarely for the dance floor and is about good time party music.' With over 20 years of DJ experience between them, I have been hearing more and more goodness coming from this Dynamic duo, and it's exciting.My pick for you guys is a track by the SOS Band - Just be good to me, which they have given the NuFunk treatment.Check out Dirty Dubsters here (http://soundcloud.com/dirtydubsters) and here's another link (http://nufunknet.blogspot.com/2010/07/dirty-dubsters-interview-and-exclusive.html


I came across this Dub version, which would be a  Dj friendlyInstrumental


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