06 August 2010

Too Hot - Coolio (Dj2Mekz Rework)

Leon Ivey, Jr. (born August 1, 1963), better known by the stage name Coolio, is a rapper, musician and actor. He became famous during 1994 with his debut single "Fantastic Voyage", and later during 1995 with the successful single "Gangsta's Paradise", which was part of the soundtrack for the film Dangerous Minds.

I had this done ages ago, but it wasn't until i heard the Boogie Hill Faders version that I remembered I had it.
You should check them out here  http://www.boogiehillfaders.com/hp_joomla_15/

Checkout Coolio on Wikipedia

FileName:      Too Hot - Re-work - 2Mekz.mp3
FileSize:     9.97 MB
File URL:     http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=1091021


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