10 August 2010

Rock Remixed - 6 Pack 2 (RR6P2)

One thing I was short of when Deejaying, was a different variety of Rock Remixes. A few years of collecting these remixes here and there, has slowly built up my collection. I wont have enough bandwidth to put up whole albums(yet), but have decided to put mixes in packs of 6 for you to download.

Here is the tracklist for the first one. All are Dj friendly, and have BPM's.

1   Here I go again - Whitesnake (92BPM)
2   Come as you are - Nirvana (121BPM)
3   Smooth - Rob Thomas feat Santana (122BPM)
4   Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin (112BPM)
5   Hit me with your best shot - Pat Benatar (128BPM)
6   Rock you like a hurricane - Scorpions (126BPM)

Download here



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