10 August 2010

Rock Remixed - 6 Pack 3 (RR6P3)

One thing I was short of when Deejaying, was a different variety of Rock Remixes. A few years of collecting these remixes here and there, has slowly built up my collection. I wont have enough bandwidth to put up whole albums(yet), but have decided to put mixes in packs of 6 for you to download.

1   Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon (103BPM)
2   I love rock n roll - Joan Jet (94BPM)
3   Sweet child of mine - Guns n Roses (127BPM)
4   Brown eyed girl - Van Morrison (147BPM)
5   Dirt Deeds - ACDC (135BPM)
6   Jump - Van Halen (131BPM)


    * _RR6Pack1_mixesgonecrazy.blogspot.com_.rar


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